Eton was created in 1928 by a Swedish couple who owned a factory specialised in refined men's shirts making, their motto was simple “never hand over a shirt before you are completely satisfied with it”, this saying describes perfectly what the brand stands for: refined craftsmanship.

Back then, England was a global leader in fine fabrics and through their travelling in search for well suited materials for fine shirts, the couples’ sons passed by a small town called Eton, a name that carried a strong appeal for them, soon after a new garment called “the Eton shirt” was born.

Making an Eton shirt is a meticulously controlled four weeks process (ten times longer than an average shirt), by working closely with some of the best weavers and mills in Europe, Eton ensures that all steps of the production cycle—from cotton selection to a unique finishing process—adhere to the highest possible standards.

The manufacturing is also one the most eco-friendly in the industry leaving no chemical residue, and by using 100% of extra-long staples cotton that represents only 0.7% of the world’s total cotton production, Eton guarantees a wrinkle free and comfortable shirt.

Eton has a great history and heritage of shirt making, yet it is a brand that is always in search of new trends to satisfy savvy fashionable men; with attention to detail, commitment to the finest materials and impeccable design at the core of its vision.

An Eton shirt is best defined as instantly classic, yet modern and functional and at DAPPAD we thrive to only choose unique brands with superior quality and distinct style, we work with you to provide you with the best outfits that suit your style and satisfy your clothing needs.

Finally, one should never forget that: Owning an Eton shirt is a promise of superior comfort and performance for years to come, no wonder it is worn by well-dressed gentlemen around the globe!

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