Jeppe Fischer-Mogensen, the copywriter

Jeppe Fischer-Mogensen, copywriter


Christian Aronson, architect


Mads, tv-host


Rune Mortensen, record label manager


In May we went to Copenhagen to shoot our first photo session. It was done in the Danish spring with our chosen Dappad characters. Basically our idea is to always showcase real men in their real elements. To bring in true craftmanship we shot everything analogue on a Pentax 6x7 from 1969.

Using an analogue method gives the photos another feeling than when you shoot digital and have all the attempts in the world to capture the million dollar shot. It’s really all about being patient and waiting for the right moment to shoot – an old school virtue that is sometimes forgotten in our fast paced world. With this series of photography we have given ourselves the time to dig into the craft and tried to showcase a quality that we don’t see as often anymore. Not that there is anything wrong with digital, we just wanted to pay an homage to good old analogue.

For us style lies in character and that is what we try to capture. We found three characteristic looking men for the shoot, none of them are models, but instead they have personality and a look we like. The two friends, Jeppe the copywriter and Rune the record label manager, Christian the Swedish architect and Mads the lifestyle expert and tv-host. We hope you like the Men of Dappad as much as we do, soon you will see much more of them, but for now, enjoy this little montage of stylish appearance, poetic scenery and good old craftsmanship.

Creative Direction // Barkas Studio
Photographer // Jason Idris

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