Concert with “Jungle”

Draft beer in the sun in front of “The Tallest Man On Earth”

Sir Paul McCartney

The Orange Stage, the main stage at Roskilde

We went to Roskilde Festival just 20 min. west of Copenhagen to experience what people keep referring to as “The Orange Feeling” - a unique state of mind that only exists one week a year. With a line-up including Jungle, Father John Misty, Kendrick Lamar, Pharrel Williams and the living legend Paul McCartney, we were in for one of those treats that takes a few days to digest.

One thing that you realize when you first enter Roskilde is; yes the music is absolutely fantastic, BUT its bigger than that. Its about good times and celebrating life and each other. The ambience is unique, the people are friendly and on top of that, draft beers in the sun simply just amplifies everything. Also Roskilde has a famous selection of food stands where restaurants from Copenhagen are serving delicious food. This festival is really making an effort to do something extra for you, and we haven’t even mentioned all the art and innovative ideas that they also promote.

Our festival took off when Father John Misty hit us as a hammer with his profound voice and compelling charisma. He started out with “I love you, Honeybear”, which he almost performed as if it was an encore. He took us through his catalogue with convincing attitude and style, because if there is one thing that man has, its style!

Next up was the English funk inspired duo Jungle. If Father John has style, then we must say that Jungle knows exactly how to make people dance and party. The two boys from London played tunes that almost lifted the roof of the Avalon stage, and with the choir in terms of three beautiful afro-soul-ladies you were thrown back to the 70’ies, in a good way.

Saturday night Sir Paul McCartney closed our festival with a great shabang. Macca played for impressing 2.5 hours and he didn’t hold back with the classics such as “Eight days a week”. “We can work it out” and “Back in the U.S.S.R”. But the highlight must be his heart breaking song to John “Here today” and of course “Hey Jude”. All in all the old man definitely still has it!

So to sum up, there is only one place to be in the first week of July, see you there next year.

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