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  • The fashion and world today

    It certainly has been a rocky few days for England and Great Britain, Brexit, being beat by Iceland in the Euro cup and a credit down grade. However despite all this – things will be ok , life goes on. When you feel at your lowest put some new shoes on and everything will be all right.

    A couple of weeks back Dappad went to one of the world’s largest men’s wear trade show Pitti Uomo, in Florence, Italy. Here is our take and on it.

    “Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.” ― Coco Chanel

  • How to Make an Impression at Work

  • Essential Pieces for SS16

  • Your bank holiday weekend outfits

    Your bank holiday wardrobe is sorted.

  • One Blazer Three Ways

    It is all about how you put things together. A blazer, a pair of trouser or any piece of clothing for that matter can look radically different and send out completely different messages of your personal style depending on what you combine it with. Here we have one Blazer three ways.

  • 3 Basic Style Secrets Every Man Should Know

    There are some areas in which subtle style secrets, the unwritten code of male fashion conduct will almost always prevail in helping you to ensure your look is refined no matter the scenario. So, have a look at our top 3 style secrets for making simple everyday pieces look their best.

  • Our Biggest Style Inspirations – Dappad

    Here are some of our personal favourite, seemingly effortless style icons.

  • A Look Inside the Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe

    Take a dive into the essentials for a modern man with our take on the ultimate 'Capsule' wardrobe.

  • 5 Habits of the Stylish Man

    There are many habits a man can have, but here are some of the habits a stylish man has to make sure they look good.

  • Exercise Program for the Dappad Man

    We have asked fitness consultant Fabio Domingues to come up with an exercise routine tailored to the Dappad Man. Work it!

  • The best of Winter Wines

    David Farber Founder of the exclusive Monopole WineClub gives his take on what wines to drink this winter.

  • Behind the wheels? Go Electric!

    When you think of electric cars, you probably imagine futuristic cars that are not really useful in everyday life due to a limited range of 50 miles or below. But forget about your prejudice – we are entering a new realm of personal transportation. Celebrities such as Steven Spielberg, Leonardo Dicaprio and Tom Hanks are already on the move!

    You have certainly heard about Tesla and most likely about the BMW I series too. Let us address three specific cars, with three different purposes, which show that electric cars are definitely not only for green peace fanatics, but truly appeal to the man who appreciate smooth design and rough acceleration.

  • Anderson’s belts for men. A black belt in style.

    Last week we focused your attention on Venetian craftsmen Barena. Today to continue our ‘made in Italy’ odyssey we travel inland - figuratively speaking - to Parma. The city of Parma might be insignificant is size but against all odds has made its mark on the world. Parma gave us prosciutto crudo, Parmigiano -Reggiano, Verdi, Toscanini, Correggio and Aqua di Parma, to name a few. Not bad going for this tiny Italian jewel! And let’s not forget that since the 60s the Parmigiani have been making headways in belt manufacturing. Dappad presents Anderson’s belts.

  • Men in Blazers. Join the Barena Venezia club!

    Many of you may wonder what is Barena? Don’t worry I did too after hearing the name for the first time back in 2013. To be honest I thought it was some lower division Italian football club that I’ve never heard about. A.C. Barena does have a nice ring to it doesn’t it? Fortunately it turned out that the name Barena was associated with another big ‘F’ that Italy is known for and that is FASHION. Phew! Football I may not know but fashion, fashion I know! Let’s talk Barena.

  • A different face for every phase. How many watches should a man own?

    A watch is not just a watch. Since we all started carrying mobile phones timekeeping is no longer the reason why we buy one. A great watch like stylish clothes makes a man feel more confident. A watch is a symbol of a reward for a job well done, whether it is landing your first proper job, getting promoted, becoming a partner or getting married. Like clothes and cars watches are age appropriate. As you grow older and your status changes the timepiece on your wrist usually reflects that. A colourful Swatch simply doesn’t communicate who you’re any more and for many men one watch is no longer enough… They need a different watch to complement various activities of modern life.

  • Get Your Gloves On!

    Last week we talked about master shoemakers – Joseph Cheany & Sons – today to continue with the growing trend for products made by craftsmen we would like to focus your attention on Swedish brand Hestra – a specialist in highly skilled and labor intensive form of glove-making. From design and development through leather sourcing to manufacturing the brand retains control over every step of the glove making process. It’s not surprising that last year the Esquire magazine selected Hestra Deerskin Classic Wool glove as one of 35 high-quality gifts for men that were made to last! If like us, you like the idea of handmade shoes, tailored suits and locally produced food you will appreciate Hestra’s exceptional efforts to preserve and grow the traditional glove making industry.

  • What shoe are you?

    We know we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover – but can you judge a man based on his shoes? Apparently so… Shoes are the first thing people subconsciously notice about you.
    What a man chooses to put on his feet says a lot about his personality, lifestyle, and how much he cares about his appearance. If you want to come across as a savvy guy - buy into traditional skills and invest in good quality, handmade shoes. We have selected five styles from the iconic British brand Joseph Cheaney & Sons to help you figure out ‘what shoe are you?’.

  • Enter Autumn the Dappad Way. Key Pieces to Own this Season!

    Some lucky mortals are still enjoying an extended summer holiday island hopping in the Balearics or touring the breathtaking Amalfi Coast in a rented convertible (I wish!). For the rest of us it's time to put away our Orlebar Browns hold on to the summer memories and start thinking about our Autumn wardrobe. To fast track through the shopping floors and e-commerce platforms here are top key pieces that every Dappad man should consider investing in.

  • Our Third Objective Social Responsibility

    At Dappad we believe in being socially and environmentally responsible and we want this to shine through in the things that we do. Let us introduce our partnership charity Suited & Booted!

  • Our Business and Beliefs. Why we started Dappad.

    We started Dappad based on three objectives. In this post we are sharing two of them.

    We want to create an effortless and enjoyable shopping experience for modern men and make modern men feel confident with less effort style wise and socially.

  • Every Man Should Have A Favourite Hotel

    And in best case, one in every city. The travel and lifestyle journalist, Jimi Barkas, recently visited the famous rock n' roll boutique hotel Michelberger in Berlin and here's what came out of it.

  • The Champagne experience (Part 2)

    This is the second part of our Champagne reportage. A travel diary by one of the Dappad characters, the writer Jeppe Fischer-Mogensen. You shouldn’t cheat yourself for Part 1, if you haven’t read it yet.

  • The Champagne experience (Part 1)

    Romantic. Smokey. Sexy. Frenchy, but most of all, well-written. Here's a report from the legendary region of Champagne, its as bubbly as they come. Experienced and written by a Dappad character – the writer, Jeppe Fischer-Mogensen. Best enjoyed with a glass of... well, Champagne obviously.

  • Roskiiiiilde!

    Roskilde Festival is one of the biggest in Europe with more than 100.000 visitors, and a line-up that attracts people from all over the world, Dappad included.

  • Paris – La Ville Lumière

    Last week we went to Paris for the fashion week to get a little hang of whats going on, but also to eat delicious food and drink their famous wine.


    Meet the men of Dappad in our first photoshoot. No models, just pure character shot analogue.


    After eight decades of designing and perfecting shirts, Eton has become an institution when it comes to the art of shirt design

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