3 Basic Style Secrets Every Man Should Know

Creating your style is of course about allowing your own personality to shine through via your fashion and grooming choices. Your considered look should reflect the way you see yourself and in turn how you desire the world around you to perceive you.


  1. How a Suit Jacket Should Fit

The suit jacket or blazer is an icon in itself and can finish any business or smart casual look with sophistication and refined charm. But it can also be a horror show if worn badly, you don’t want to look like a fresh out of college estate agent who’s borrowed a jacket from their father’s wardrobe.

Follow these unwritten jacket fitting rules to ensure you’re wearing it right:

  • The shoulder padding of any jacket is part of what gives this item a sharp look and creates that slick, sharp silhouette it’s intended for. Ensure the pads end as your shoulders do, they should not hang out over your shoulders (too big) or stick up before the edge (too small).


  • The collar of your shirt and the lapel of your jacket should meet, there should not be any gap whatsoever while stationary and standing upright.


  • Cuffs of the shirt should show no more than a 1/3 inch out from under the sleeve of the jacket.

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  1. How to Pick the Perfect Tshirt

We all like to scale it back and rock our casual look between work and formal wear. But when it comes to the ultimate casual piece, the classic Tshirt, how can we ensure we’re still keeping our style on point?

  • Keep the neck crew or a tight V neck. The classic crew neck works with most body types and keeps the classic Tshirt look in play. There are so many alternatives that have dropped in and out of trend but we’d wager the classic crew trumps the cleavage exposing V-neck and drop necks every time, unless you’re auditioning for Geordie Shore of course.


  • Tshirts were originally designed as close fitted undershirts but have come a long way from their origins. The ideal fit depends on your body type. It should highlight your chest and shoulders without revealing parts of your body that may not be as in tune with your upper torso.However, the opposite also applies, too loose and you’re doing yourself no favours at all and your look simply becomes scruffy.

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  1. Investing in Your Footwear

With every major look or occasion there is a perfect footwear choice to match. If you find yourself ill equipped with your footwear wardrobe and the rest of your outfit could have its overall flair degraded or down right ruined. You ultimately end up building your look around the small range of footwear available to you. This just won’t do.

Investing in your footwear will not only add a considerable air of sophistication to your looks, but good quality shoes will ultimately stand the test of time with all of their elegance intact.

Now we’re not suggesting you need to have 100 pairs of shoes in your wardrobe, but invest well in all of the key areas you’re likely to turn to often. Here’s a few to get you started:

  • White Trainers – An incredibly versatile part of any man’s casual wardrobe, keep it slim and simple to ensure they can be used for any occasion including paired with shorts in the summer.
  • Brown Brogues – An absolute must for your formal, business and smart casual needs, another very versatile piece of footwear that cries class. At least one pair of flawlessly polished brown brogues will see you through no end of semi-formal occasions and date nights.
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