How to Make an Impression at Work

Being respected at work is important to many men. From rocking the smartest suit to being a hit with the lunch crowd, there is usually lots of competition in the office. If you’ve recently started a new job or want to be in line for that big promotion, it’s time to make an impression. Read on for some expert tips from the Dappad man.

  1. Confidence

The Dappad man at work is always confident on the outside – even if realistically he doesn’t quite know what he’s doing. A confident man is well respected; people above him see him as competent and people below look up to him. Remember though there’s a fine line between confidence and arrogance so walk it carefully.

  1. Dress to Impress

In many industries, personal appearances matter a lot more than they should. A worker who dresses well makes a good impression on bosses, clients and co-workers and are thought to be more intelligent. So how should a man dress for the office? The main advice is to be individual – how will you stand out in a sea of suits? Make sure your formal wear is expertly tailored and add a personal touch with accessories. Don’t be afraid to use colour within your outfit – black, grey and white is awfully boring, however classic the effect. If you’re struggling to find the perfect work attire, a Dappad personal stylist can help and choose pieces according to your preference.


A man dressed smartly


  1. Always be Early

Whether it’s a standard day in the office or a crucially important meeting, don’t just arrive on time – be there early. The early bird makes an impression because they give the reflection of a hard worker. They put in extra time for preparation, research etc. Even if you have nothing to do, arriving 10 minutes early will put you in good stead with the people that matter at the top.

  1. Be Aware of Body Language

Especially with creating first impressions, body language can play a large part of the process. Simple gestures including how you hold yourself and how you shake hands will help people form an immediate view of you. Body language can also tell people how confident or nervous you are, so practice walking and talking in a mirror to see what it appears like to others.


Smart man in the market


Dress for the occasion and you will win every time. If you’d like help making a memorable impression, get in touch.

Essential Pieces for SS16

The sun is shining, which means we can finally set our sights on the much anticipated summer wardrobe. At last, it’s time to shove boots and duffel coats to the back of the closet and replace with shorts, chinos and boat shoes. So what will you be wearing this season? Delve into Dappad’s picks of SS16, to make sure you stay on trend ‘til Autumn.


Spring Summer Outfit


Stay cool in grey

We love the colour grey, as it can be worn all year round – but right now it’s the shade of the season. From trousers to T-shirts, it’s all about grey this year. Invest in a couple of pieces which are different shades of grey and layer them together for a fashion forward look. You can also accessories with grey bags and shoes.


A zip up jacket

The British summer is notoriously unpredictable and as you know, while you may be enjoying a cold one in a beer garden one day, it could feel like winter the next. Summer layering is essential, and we highly recommend a thin zip up jacket. Depending on the rest of your outfit and the occasion, the ensemble could be completed with a suede jacket, a denim jacket, a bomber or a casual hoody.


Black Zip Up Jacket


The smart backpack

Summer is no time for briefcases! Swap your formal bags and cases for a smart backpack made from leather. They can be worn with suits and are smart enough to wear to the office, as well as using as hand luggage for summer holidays.


Deck shoes

As the ultimate summer shoe, deck shoes or boat shoes are a must for your footwear collection. Casual and care free, the deck shoe is versatile and can easily be worn with shorts at the beach or with jeans and a tee and a blazer for a night out with friends.


Spring Summer 16 Shoes


White trousers

A sophisticated man can pull of white jeans or trousers with ease. Wear with trainers, brogues or deck shoes for an on trend look which will impress men and women alike.

Do you want to make sure your wardrobe is ready for summer? Let us do the trendspotting for you! Order a Dappad box and you’ll enjoy your own personal stylist and tailored summer essentials delivered straight to your door.


Trousers for SS16