5 Habits of the Stylish Man

What is it that makes a well-dressed man? It’s not that he keeps up with the latest trends, because a stylish man can pull of any look. Style is timeless, and it’s something that every man can possess with a little work. If you want to be the guy that turns heads in the street for all the right reasons, then read on for five habits you can adopt to be instantly stylish.

  1. He always wears well fitted clothing

A few inches here and a couple of inches there can make a HUGE difference to your overall appearance. Ill-fitting clothing is the number one sin that many men commit. If a piece of clothing is too tight, too loose, too long or too short, stylish men discard of it right away. A perfect fitting garment is rarely found in a high street store – you may have to make friends with a tailor to find an ideal size.

  1. He takes tailored shopping advice

Think personal shopping is just for the ladies? Think again. Imagine how great you’d look 24/7 if you had your own personal stylist, just like celebrities do. Well it isn’t as difficult as you may think. Stylist services such as Dappad allow men to choose certain preferences, and then await a delivery of a personalised selection of clothing from stylish brands. Full of style staples and must-have garms for the modern man, this is the future of shopping. The stylish man is never afraid to take advice from the experts or try something new.

  1. He takes good care of his hair

Being considered stylish isn’t all about the clothes you wear – it’s also how you present yourself. Hair needs to look effortlessly styled, when in actual fact a lot of work goes into it. Depending on your hairstyle, it should be in good upkeep and you should have a trustworthy barber with expert grooming skills. Facial hair should also be well groomed and not left to look unruly.

  1. He invests in timeless pieces

While well-dressed men obviously keep up with the latest fashions, they don’t spend the majority of their money here. They know what is more important – classic style and timeless pieces. Certain clothing is an investment, such as a dinner suit or a really good pair of shoes. A stylish man won’t mind paying top dollar for these items because he knows he’ll be able to wear them forever, as they will always be in fashion.

  1. He doesn’t believe the hype

Ultimately, the stylish man recognises which items will suit him and which won’t – and it has nothing to do with a logo. A well-dressed man doesn’t care about brands enough to buy into the logo culture. He respects clothing brands for quality and fit, but won’t buy something with the masses for no reason. He is happy to be introduced to new, quality brands which he may have never heard of before and wear them with pride.

You can be that stylish guy who is the envy of everyone in the office – just keep these habits in mind.