What shoe are you?

Cheaney has been making shoes in their factory in Desborough, Northamptonshire since 1886, using the Goodyear welted process – the footwear equivalent to the off-side rule. Knowing your offside (hasn’t the rule been tweaked again this season?) is important if you’re a diehard football fan, but if you’re a connoisseur of traditional shoe manufacturing all you need to know is that Cheaneys can be repeatedly resoled, and if looked after properly will last season upon season – ‘investment shoes’ for the long haul.

So without further ado here come the shoes:

Oxfords in black

Everyman needs a pair of classic, fuss and details free black dress shoes like the classic Oxford in calf leather made out of the finest leather with no defects or blemishes. Understated and low key but at the same time exceptionally smart these will make a perfect foundation to formal and casual looks.



Brogue in Plough Suede

Modern Brogues originated in Ireland from a rudimentary shoe that had holes punched in to allow for water to drain off when crossing a wet terrain. Today the perforations are purely decorative and brogues upgraded their status from country footwear to an extremely versatile shoe that can be worn with jeans, trousers or chinos – so having a pair is almost a no brainer. We love Cheaney Arthur III in Plough Suede.



Monk-Strap in Bronze

If you want a break from laces Monk Strap shoe is a great alternative. Get a pair in timeless brown leather, like Cheaney Holyrood Double Buckle Monk Shoe. This contemporary style will look great with dark coloured denim, neutral tailoring or midnight blue suit.

Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 11.18.00


Chelsea Boot in Black

If you’re after a slightly edgier look a pair of black Cheaney Threadneedle boots is a must. Thanks to the versatile silhouette they pair as well with jeans as with a suit. And with the mod era still trending they will look great with casual suiting and roll neck ensemble. Or paired with black skinny jeans and a plain t-shirt, knit or a shirt for fuss free cool look. You will probably end up wearing them more often then you think.

chelsea boot



Chukka Boot in Black

If you’re a more of a traditional dresser lace up boots are probably a more suitable choice. Cheaney Shadwell Chukka boots in supple black leather with no detailing are classic and timeless. This style can be worn with anything from casual looks to tailored smart suiting. Lace up and step out in style!

chukka boot



Hardy Amies once said: “It is totally impossible to be well dressed in cheap shoes.” And we agree. Good quality, elegant, hand crafted shoes will give you an edge in style stakes. Remember always, the style starts from the bottom up!

Dappad has recently visited Suited & Booted, a London based charity that helps vulnerable men get back on their feet by fitting them with smart clothes and shoes so they can attend job interviews. They are short on shoes!

If you buy any of the five Cheaney styles featured in today’s blog and donate a pair of shoes that you no longer need to Suited & Booted we will offer you a 10% discount on your new pair and give a 10% cash equivalent to the charity together with your donated shoes. Please be mindful that all donated shoes need to be in a good condition so the men who walk in your shoes look stylish and feel confident!

Thank you for your support.


Erika, Ewa & Tine x






Enter Autumn the Dappad Way. Key Pieces to Own this Season!

The rollneck jumper – Major trend for knitwear this winter. You can wear it on its own as an alternative to a shirt or use it as a layered piece underneath another item of knitwear. You could also try it with a blazer or a suit for a 60s inspired look.

Tiger of Sweden roll neck jumper


Printed shirt – Designers continue to add graphic elements to their collections. Floral, camouflage, polka dot and abstract printed shirts set out to be a key piece this winter. If you feel overwhelmed by bold designs start with a subtle microprint or check pattern for a smart visual look to lift your every day outfit. If you can carry off a pattern explosion please remember to balance it with a solid coloured tie.

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 10.03.14


Unconstructed Blazer – One of the main tailoring styles for this season is a three button unconstructed blazer with rounded shoulders and a slightly shorter length. If you’re looking for a feeling of comfort without compromising on the fit explore designs by Italian brand Barena Venezia. Their wool blend blazers offer a great alternative to a more button-up tailoring. Perfect when you want to look smart but feel comfortable.

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 10.08.54


Denim – A good pair of jeans will become a backbone of your wardrobe. Denim for winter should be dark: black, black blue or grey. For a modern look chose styles designed for a slim silhouette. The slimmer cut guarantees sharper lines and better fit. Stretch also plays important role to accommodate slim and skinny shapes so you can actually bend your legs! Paige and AG denim brands offer many variations on the slim cut jeans to fit most builds.


Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 10.13.40


Trousers – The growing trend is for more generously cut pants however the tailored, slightly cropped tapered leg trousers will still have a big impact this winter. You could do no wrong wearing Tiger of Sweden black Transit trousers in cotton-dyed twill or slim fit Harris in wool stretch poplin. If you’re a fan of J Linderberg classic chinos add another pair to your wardrobe in dark navy or dark grey malange flannel twill.


Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 10.16.02


Shoes – Every man needs a good pair of shoes! Cheaney lace up Chukka boots, masterfully crafted in England from supple leather with no detailing, are classic and timeless. This versatile style can be worn with anything from casual looks to tailored smart suiting.


Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 10.25.00


Scarf – Let’s not forget about accessories. When autumn comes knocking at your door the simplest way to update your wardrobe is with a new scarf. If you decide to buy one this season make sure that it is a big one. Wrapped it around your neck a single time or wear it twice-looped with a knot.

We have given you Dappad’s passport to winter style and are hoping that you will fly into the colder weather looking stylish, feeling confident and warm.

Erika, Ewa & Tine x





Our Third Objective Social Responsibility


Our first step in contributing is our partnership with the London City based charity Suited & Booted. Suited & Booted is an amazing charity that helps vulnerable, unemployed and low income men back in to employment by providing them with suitable interview clothing. Last year they helped 1000 men. Yay!

At Dappad we know how important clothes are to people, it is your first business card before you have even said hello. So we thought this is great!

When we pick up your Dappad box, send us old clothes and we give them to Suited & Booted. Like this you don’t have to leave the house to get rid of your old clothes, it helps a person and it reduces waste. Win Win Win.

Suited & Booted is currently in need of leather shoes so this and next month we are having a campaign to try and collect leather shoes for them. Buy a pair of Made in England Cheaney Shoes – give a pair back, get 10% off your new shoes and we donate 10% of the revenues to Suited & Booted. Again Win Win Win.

Thank you

The Dappad Team

Erika, Ewa and Tine

Our Business and Beliefs. Why we started Dappad.

We started Dappad based on three Objectives – in this post we are sharing two of them.

We want to create an effortless and enjoyable shopping experience for modern men.

We want to make modern men feel confident with less effort style wise and socially.


the dappad story blog post 1 copy


1. An effortless and personal shopping experience

The modern man wants to look good and he doesn’t compromise on quality. However his big dilemma is time and that is why a curated and personal service is key for him. The easier he can get the things he wants the better.

But there is a gap between what the modern man wants and what is offered to him when it comes to shopping so we decided to do something about it. Let’s make shopping personal again, let’s make it well informed and tailored to the needs of the modern man.

You may love or hate to shop –but you want to look good and you are smart enough to know that you don’t have to work for it.

Welcome to the world of Dappad.

2. Make modern men feel confident with less effort style wise and socially

We are picky with the brands and recommendations that we make, because that is how we live our own lives. We don’t work with brands because of the logos. We work with brands because of the quality, craftsmanship and design that the brands represent. Because of this our members can rest assured that they are dressed in the best of brands, and the best of pieces from these brands. We are ahead of the curve and we make sure our clients are ahead of the curve. Any piece that has gone in to our collection has undergone the scrutiny of the Dappad eye, and this how we achieve our second objective:

Making Men Look Good

Our Belief

Style and fashion exist not only in clothes but all around us; in the streets, in every day life, it has got to do with ideas and everything we do. After all the way you dress is your way of saying to the world who you are without having to speak a word.

The Dappad Team

Erika, Ewa and Tine