• "As a way to save time and get what you want quickly, Dappad is a great option and can also spring a welcome surprise as well. It may feel like a leap of faith to put your shopping in someone else’s hands, but when they’re hands as safe as these, what really do you have to lose?"

  • "Time is your most precious asset - don’t waste it shopping - let Dappad do it for you. We confess Dappad dressed us better than we could ever have managed ourselves and suggested staple pieces that completely transformed our wardrobe and from brands that we are not too proud to admit we had never hears of."

  • "A personal service - Dappad is a new fashion resource for men! Input your measurements and tastes online and a stylist will take care of your needs. The company is started by Swedish born Erika Nilsson-Humphrey so there is a slight scandi feel to premium brands it draws from. "


    Our stylists tailor a unique box of clothing for you based on your preferences, then send the box straight to your door, making shopping as simple as that.


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    We will ask you to fill out our brief style questionnaire, so we can match you with your own personal stylist, that suits you well.

    It's super easy to sign up and you do not commit to anything before you place an order.



    Based on your questionnaire our stylist will tailor a box of clothes just for you. Each box is a unique edit with different styles and products.

    You will always have a conversation with your stylist before any selection is made.



    Your box of clothes is delivered to your office or home within 7 working days and you've got 10 days to try them on at your home. You only pay for the clothes that you decide to keep which are priced the same as in stores - we pick up any items you don’t like and the great thing is, shipping is free of charge both ways.

    For the clothes you do like - keep them and wear them confident like you forgot all about them.

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